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Am I Writing Again?

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If this morning’s 1000+ words is any indication, then yes. I like what I’ve written, which is better than the alternative. Will I still like it tomorrow? Ask me tomorrow. My work was done on the Linux beta of Scrivener, which I quite enjoy, but did it make me any more… Read more »

All Is Not Lost

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1155 words yesterday, and some work all this past week. I have finally emerged from the darkness. I’m being melodramatic. Still, it was hard to begin again, but now that I have my head is teeming with ideas and there is nothing else that I want to do except write.

Chocolate Guava

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939 words this morning. Is chocolate guava even a reasonable combination? I should try it before assuming it would taste good. I confess, I have no idea what guava tastes like. But chocolate? Surely that makes anything better.

Corbel Arch

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I’m still going. 1400+ words yesterday. The story grows in unexpected ways. Last week it tried to strangle me, and I was forced to cut one of its grasping, sucking tentacles. It hurt me more than it hurt it.

The Choicest Piece

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496 words. None even close to good. Pitiful, clumsy, foo.  That was supposed to be ‘fool’, but ‘foo’ adds a Mr. T vibe which is entirely inappropriate. Wa wa  Wa Ubaal. I should make a song of it. One in which the dancers have blood rained upon them.