TableSmith in Linux Using Wine

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This is largely for personal reference so I don’t have to go searching for the solution again should I need to reinstall Linux.

If you are unaware TableSmith is an excellent role-playing utility to create and run random tables.  After I finally got it running well under Linux, I decided it was time to pay the $10 for it.

I’m doing this in Arch Linux, so I can’t be certain the steps are the same in other flavors.

  1. Install winetricks
  2. If running 64-bit Linux:
    1. Rename ~/.wine
    2. Create a new Wine environment by running: WINEARCH=win32 winecfg
    3. This creates a 32-bit Wine environment which is necessary for a lot of programs.
  3. I usually get prompted by Wine to install Mono. I cancel this, because I want to install the actual DotNet packages.
  4. Install Gecko if prompted, otherwise we’ll do it later.
  5. Run: winetricks dotnet35 (there will be some manual downloading required; follow instructions from winetricks.)
  6. You’ll have to run the above command multiple times to first install dotnet20 and then dotnet3x. Just do as it instructs.
  7. Also note that once it gets to the point of installing dotnet3x, things can get tricky. Sometimes it seems to get stuck and you have to CTRL-C. Other times you have to delete a file and try again.
  8. Run: winetricks gecko (if it is not already installed)
  9. Run: winetricks ie8 (required, otherwise roll results don’t refresh)
  10. Run: winetricks gdiplus
  11. Run: winetricks allfonts (may not strictly be necessary)
  12. Install Tablesmith by going to its directory and running: wine msiexec /i install.msi
In some cases TableSmith may now show up in your KDE (and possibly Gnome) menu, otherwise you’ll need to run it manually. Personally, I have the TableSmith program and all it’s tables in a DropBox folder so I can run and access it from multiple computers/OSes.


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