Note to Self: Don’t Bother With Anything But Emacs / Org-mode

It’s a waste of time.

Sure, it takes a while to get Emacs almost perfect, but once it has reached that state you only then need to achieve perfection which is a never-ending goal, but one worth striving for.

This is dissimilar from other editors which cannot even approach almost perfect close enough to tell its color. You struggle through drab, featureless muck hopelessly seeking to improve upon that which cannot improved until you pull out your hair in bloody clumps . Your new baldness frightens the cat, which you didn’t know you had, and it hisses in fear, its back arched like the Arch Linux logo, and it springs away into the night.

It is night now. You’ve spent all day trying make your editor less sucky. And you have failed. You could have been writing. You could have been designing adventures, towns, gods, characters. But you didn’t. Nice one.


p.s. Yes, this post contradicts the previous one.




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