No Hope

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564 words, all of them different from one another, I promise. I hardly used the same letters.

It’s true, no hope, but sacrilege, decay, muck, and ruin. An old woman in a frayed robe, stained. The skin of a great serpent.




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I’ve returned to writing this morning with some success. 722 words. Could have been more, and should have. Definitely none of the words were good. Dwarf, demon, teenager, girls. A necklace of tongues. Virgins. Jungle, jungle, jungle, killer, killer, kill her, etc.



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Now that I look at it again, I may remove that word. In any case, 514 this morning. I think 500 words is a reasonable goal on a work day. Hard to do better in such a limited time, though I wish I could do more. Today, among the words, one is actually good. Others are symphony of night creatures, bubbling, buoyant. Pebbles.  Also, ____, where someday there will be a name.

Next, revision.


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This morning 273 words in about a half an hour. Not bad. Need more time. Good? Nowhere to be found. I’m unsure how I feel about gravity in a non-modern story, especially when referring to body parts. Cacao and cream, sounds good. Snake limbs is somewhat evocative if seemingly nonsensical. Not a lot to chose from, and I’m tired.

I Have Won

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Today 1,281 words. Possibly some of them good, I’m not bothering to check. At least one unsuccessful, another nonsense. Avocados, pimples and warts in the same sentence.  Some goop, tentacles undulating. Slurping, breasts, and youthful fantasies. Found a word I’ll come back later to destroy: virtually.

A successful day, and I have homemade donuts.

Illness Has Won

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Today nothing, nada, zilch, zero, mei you (that’s probably incorrect). Only lying in bed. Lying to the bed, whispering sweet nadas into its mattress.


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Illness has intervened. Yesterday’s count was 209, but would have been more. None of the 209 were good. One was decaying, and presumably still is. Another was equidistant, but that may change.


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Work on novel goes slowly. Wrote 13 words this morning, none of them good. One was magnificent.

The Rebirth of a Legend

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Many years ago (2 or so)  there dwelt a website within the great expanse of the aether (internet).  This site was visited by many (1 or 2), loved by all (zero) and once held great sway over the hearts and minds of aetherfolk. Yearly would devotees make pilgrimage to the site from other sites far far away. Inches would their mouse cursor travel to click the address bar so that their fingers could begin the laborious task of typing the great site’s URL.

Alas, the site suffered an ignominious demise. Screams from the masses rent the aether, yet the Creator (of the website) heard them not, or cared not. “What careth I for such a website?” sayest He, “For what goodest doesest it doest me? Not a darnest thing, that’s whatest.”

Now, it seemethest, the Creator (of the website) has changed his mind. From his marvelous loins has been born this new site, this grand doppelganger of a legend.

And he said unto them, “Behold, tiny aetherfolk, and witness the rebirth of!”